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Do you sleep naked?

Do you think its weird to sleep naked?

Is it alright for girls, but not alright for guys or vice versa?

Some people get warm, especially heavier people…my dad and roommate in college always slept in at least underwear or they would sweat profusely. It’s kind of disgusting but medically it might be dangerous to be overheating while you sleep. I’m not expert. Does anyone know if this is a danger to be overheating while you sleep, and is the over heat caused by weight or other factors?

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13 Questions to ask boyfriend in bed

wrapped up in you

Which side of the bed do you like to sleep on?

Do you like to sleep naked or in your underwear?

Guy: Do you wear thongs, granny pannies, or booty shorts?

Girl: Do you wear boxers, briefs, or tighty whiteys?

What is the craziest sexual position you have pulled off?

What is the kinkiest thing someone has ever asked you to do?

Guy: Do you think about “ex: Brad Pitt or some other hot guy” when your making love to me?

Girl: Do you think about “ex: Carmen Electra or your favorite Porn Star” when you making love to me?

Have you ever farted during sex, did you stop or just keep rolling on like nothing happened?

Has anyone ever caught you masturbating?

Do these questions make you uncomfortable? Good 🙂 !!!

Does size matter, or is it what you can do with what you got that matters?

Have you ever been laughed at when you took all you clothes off? “what so funny, it’s cold here!”

Keep it going, what questions have you asked your boyfriend or girlfriend in bed – Relationship Compatability Questions?

Sex Questions

How do you ask a girl to give you a blow job?

How do you ask a guy to go down on you?

Is there a non porn site that I can learn more about sex?

What is the best sexual position, besides missionary?

Is Kama Sutra a sex position?

Besides condoms, how else can I protect myself from getting pregnant?

Is there certain days you can have sex and not get pregnant?

Can I still get pregnant even though I’m on my period?

I’ve thout about having anal sex, what is the best way to do this safely?

What if my boyfriend likes to suck my toes, should I let him even thought I think its gross?

When fingering a girl, should I use one, two, or three fingers?

When going down on a girl, what is the best way to move your tongue to give them the most pleasure?

Is doggy style putting it in the ass or just going in from behind?

Is there ever a good time to have a threesome, 2 girls and one guy (me)?

What is a really fun place to have sex, that most people don’t think about?

Where is the strangest place someone has had sex?

What are some of strangest plances people have sex?

Have you ever had sex at your office after everyone has gone home?

What is the funniest sex position you have ever tried, seen, or heard of?